If you are fond of biking or racing on superbikes, ATV bike ride may just be the thing for you. This adventure activity is coupled with proper safety for you to prevent any injuries. You can get behind the wheels of the bike and compete with your friends by steering through the quick turns of the track and become a champion. You can spend a whole day here and have a memorable time bonding with friends. So let your adrenaline take you over!!

Paintball is one of the most interesting sport activities best played in groups that offers intense fun, thrill, adventure and strategy. Teaming up with your friends and competing each other as though pretending you’re in a war is a fun thing to do. In the game, rounds of small paint balls are fired, splashing different colours when hitting the target. They don’t do any harm for the players, as the players are equipped with the safety measures. They are made of non-toxic and water soluble materials and are bio degradable. This is a great chance for you to bond with your team mates! Close friends, office teams, new friends and family – this game is sure to draw you closer!

We have other sports as well such as Zip Lining, Camping, Segway, Jumaring etc.

So what are you waiting for?? Book your slots and come to Golden Mile Resort to try out these great sports with friends, colleagues and family at affordable prices!!